LABOR WARRANTY The labor warranty lasts for 30 (thirty) days only. Labor warranty only covers the repair(s) and(or) service specified on the invoice. All appliance repair warranty work is done from 9 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. No warranty work is done on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.

Image of a tablet showing the Appliance Repair Malibu app. LABOR CHARGE(S) IS (ARE) NOT REFUNDABLE. After the repairs are done in your home or after you receive the repaired appliance(s) from the shop, check the appliance(s) to see if they are working to your satisfaction. If you need more service after the technician has left your home and he has to come back, you will have to pay an extra charge based on the time spent in your home. This is not a service call, but a time charge that would have been added to the original bill if the technician had stayed longer on the first call or shop repair; this recall price is valid for 5 days after the repair of appliance(s). After 5 days, any other service needed is a new service call and you will have to pay for the trip charge and all necessary labor charges.

INTERMITTENT CONDITION WARRANTY There is no labor appliance repair warranty on any parts with an intermittent problem. Since the problem is not always visible, it cannot be traced. The only way to trace such a problem is when it actually happens.